Family Lawyer – Peter Sochacki

“Comes love — nothing can be done!”
Comes separation/divorce — something can be done.

Nothing prepares you for the perfect storm of separation and divorce.
Love/resentment/unfulfilled expectations/children (young & old)/money/stuff/more money – “How am I going to live?” / Where am I going to live?” / “Who gets the super?” / “What about the kids?”

All these issues are a potent, emotional mix, leading to:

  • a breakdown of trust,
  • fear,
  • anger, and
  • bewilderment.

There are various ways of dealing with family breakdowns but, first things first.

Professional Focus

My focus is on professional client care.

  • Identification of client issues – legal and non-legal e.g. violence;
  • Addressing and managing those issues and clients’ expectations;
  • Bringing about an OUTCOME by the shortest, most expedient and inexpensive route;

How Can I Help

By the time a client gets to seek legal advice, it is usually too late for counselling but, not always so. In any event, settlement of any family law dispute may/should involve non-legal expertise, for example, child psychologists, couples’ counsellors and maybe even life coaches, as so often happens in for example, collaborative law.

An OUTCOME can be achieved in a number of different ways:

  • By the spouses negotiating a deal around the kitchen table;
  • By going to the lawyers and negotiating a deal through them;
  • By using mediation, with or without the lawyers;
  • By litigating in the family law courts; and
  • Engaging in the collaborative law process.

In assisting people whose personal relationship has broken down, I can help with:

  • Family dispute resolution;
  • Parenting disputes;
  • Parenting Orders;
  • Property settlements;
  • Going to court;
  • Binding Financial Agreements;
  • Contravention of children’s orders;
  • Child support & Spousal maintenance;
  • Estate planning for the future;
  • Deceased Estate Administration;